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Travelers and travel counselors satisfaction is our focus, it is why WonderMiles guarantees an unmatchable user experience where the Online/Offline interactions are natively designed. The “machine will mostly do it ALL” and the counselors will dedicate their time to up sell and manage revenue.

WonderMiles Solution Architects

Engineering Top Talents

We are technology geeks applying newest solutions and trends to our Product. Main goal is to make it fast, with best user experience on the market. We are team of passionate people building professional experience over the years.

Strong Business Experience

Our team is built from strong personalities with proven successes in Business Travel. We are always up to date with current market needs being ready for new challenges that may come. Our ambition is not only to follow the future, we want to create it as well.


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Moncef Khanfir


Marcin Konieczny

CPO & Co-Founder

Rafał Prochenka

CIO & Co-Founder

Maciej Stasierski

COO & CTO & Co-Founder