WonderMiles will soon release a new website to update the market about its innovative products and services for both TMCs and Corporations. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
WM Marketing Team

We are ready

to be The Digital Arm

of Travel Management Companies

Agent Desktop Tool

The Best Agent Workspace Organiser

WonderMiles centralises workspace for Travel Agents. Gives one single interface to let you serve your customers. This is the tool which helps you to manage your "muli-responsibility" and optimise your efforts. Remove the gap between online and offline travel needs. Get it done all in WonderMiles.

Online Booking Tool

Tuning up your booking experience

WonderMiles introduces shopping experience to the world of OBT. Book a trip like you buy items in your favourite online store. It makes you familiar to the booking flow at glance. Easy and fast to find best offer.


Build your knowledge from data you collect

WonderMiles gives TMCs handy tools to understand massively collected data. Thanks to that you better understand your customers and relationships with your providers. The knowledge is yours, at your fingertips.


Collect your payments by smart payment gateway

Thanks to partnership with Viva Wallet, WonderMiles provides simple and secure payment gateway that allows to use customer’s cards to pay for reservations. Complicated payment flows and rules of various content providers are now hidden under easy and intuitive solution.