what we do

The Digital Arm of Travel Management Companies

WonderMiles is a breaking solution that empowers Travel Management Companies (TMC) to meet their most recent needs provoked by dynamics of the market. WonderMiles will become the IT arm of TMCs and smoothly accompanies them to embrace the unavoidable digital transition while providing an unmatchable solution that removes the gap between the Online and Offline precepts during the travel-shopping journey in a multi-channel environment.

The world is digital, your TMC too!
Get the benefit of a rich multi-channel offer

WonderMiles is your reliable partner

The strategy of WonderMiles is to become undisputedly strongest ally of TMCs by providing the best technology that helps TMC to succeed the digital transition.



WonderMiles as inspired by Google paradigm is fully digital Unmatchable user experience.

One Stop Shop

Traveler and TMC use the same platform – Only the access privileges are different.


Exhaustive content

Shop from a global content securing the TMC competitiveness.

True SaaS solution

Immediate onboarding for unmanaged customers or 48H to make the whole setup for contracted customers.


Big data at your fingertips

Data driven solution that infers actionable information to give insights, enforce decisions, evaluate productivity, consistently and reliably.

Terrific digital sales machine

The platform helps to push qualified leads to your travel counselors.